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Serious Injuries Resulting in Crushed or Bruised Organs

Serious Injury Attorney in San Diego

Crushed or bruised organ injuries normally result from blunt force trauma to certain parts of the body, such as may occur in an auto accident or from a fall.  When the impact from a steering wheel, a ladder, an impact from a vehicle if you are a pedestrian, or any other type of accident involving a significant impact occurs, organs can be damaged, resulting in internal bleeding.  If you or a loved one has sustained a crushed or bruised organ injury, contact a San Diego serious injury attorney to help you with getting through the complex legal steps needed to pursue compensation for your injuries.

Consequences of Internal Organ Injuries

The consequences of sustaining an internal organ injury could leave a person with catastrophic injuries requiring surgery and sometime even removal of certain organs.  An injury to a kidney or liver could affect the ability of the body to relieve itself of toxins and in the case of a damaged liver could even result in death.  Injuries to lungs, spleens, stomach and other internal organs can affect the effectiveness of that body part and impair your ability to function normally in your life.  These injuries can also lead to potential dangerous infections.

When facing this type of situation, you will likely require extensive medical treatment including hospitalization, surgeries, possible dialysis or organ transplants.  The financial burden for this kind of injury can be overwhelming.  An attorney from the Pacific Attorney Group is well versed in handling this type of serious injury and will aggressively document your medical needs in order to maximize the compensation you deserve.  An attorney who is familiar with litigation is vital, as the extent of these types of injuries will likely need a settlement figure that may need to be pursued at trial.  Our firm will work diligently on your behalf in presenting a strong claim for your crushed or bruise organ injuries.

Contact a San Diego Serious Injury Lawyer when facing the devastating consequences of a crushed or bruised organ injury.

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